All too often, children are at the heart of divorce cases. Working out an appropriate parenting schedule, domicile restrictions, child support and legal custody issues are all part of making sure that each child's best interests are taken into account.

Our Dallas child custody lawyers have earned a reputation for providing compassionate, skillful representation that focuses on our clients' goals, while minimizing the impact of a divorce on a child.

We help parents arrive at fair, enduring child custody agreements. At our law firm, we put children first and consistently protect their best interests. Contact our Plano child custody attorney to schedule your consultation.

We handle child custody and child visitation rights on behalf of mothers, fathers and grandparents.


Advocating for Children's Best Interests

Our law firm is dedicated to taking a compassionate approach tempered with judgment to help relieve the pressure of child custody disputes. Through collaborative law, we seek to identify amicable solutions by addressing child custody options, including allocating the rights and duties that parents have with respect to their children and coordinating a parenting plan.

Our firm's lawyers evaluate a variety of factors to negotiate plans based on your children's best interests. For example, we will want to understand which parent has been the primary caregiver as well as the stability of the proposed custodial home. The lawyers at our firm will seek to foster a constructive environment for amicable solutions to be identified in your child's best interests.


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