Scott Douglas Marquardt

Not only am I an attorney with a desire and ability to help you resolve your dispute and move forward with your life, I am also a divorced parent of two awesome children who has gone through what you are facing.

Scott is an attorney who can approach your divorce or family matter from a practical, non-confrontational position. His philosophy in working with divorce clients is to provide them with clear, concise legal advice to help them gain an understanding of the process, the legal system and the client’s possible options, so that each party can make the best possible decision for their family and changing family needs. He believes that each divorce or family matter is intrinsically different and personal in nature, and that you have a right to design the best possible divorce.



Scott graduated law school at Tulane University in 1996 and has been licensed since then. Before staring his own practice, he worked in both a firm and corporate enviroment doing civil litigation and dispute resolution. His passion for family law comes from his own experiences in the family law courts and his desire to help you get through the experience with the best possible resolution to your divorce.


  • State Bar of Texas
  • Nothern District of Texas - Federal Bar
  • Eastern District of Texas - Federal Bar
  • Western District of Oklahoma - Federal Bar


  • Collin County Bar Association
  • Dallas Bar Association
  • Dallas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association
  • Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association